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Herizons magazine

Activist Spotlight—Being Direct: Interview with Ann Hansen.”
25th Anniversary Issue. Winter 2018, Vol 31, No 3. Print.  Re-print of original article from Summer 2004.

Resonance & Rebellion: Alexis O'Hara.” 
Fall 2017. Vol 31, No 2. Print & online.

Sonic Encounters: In Conversation with Erin Sexton.”
Fall 2015, Vol 19, No 2. Print. 
With thanks to Jennie Punter of Musicworks magazine for initiating my first article on Erin Sexton.    
SoundFly’s Flypaper

Circuit Des Yeux on Improvising to Find Her Voice and How ‘Why?’ Is an Answer.
November 9, 2017. Online.

The Humanity in Grief: Nick Cave’s Personal and Powerful “One More Time with Feeling.”
November 29, 2016. Online. 

How the Score to “Wiener-Dog” Blurs the Edges of Character Development.”
September 29, 2016. Online.

Musicworks Magazine

Myriam Bleau spins Soft Revolvers.” Issue 120, Fall 2014. Print & online.
Re-posted with permission.

Erin Sexton tunes in to the eternal music of matter.” Issue 118, Summer 2014. Print & online.
Re-posted with permission.  

.dpi: Feminist Journal of Art Digital Culture

What did you hear? An interview with sound art and activist collective Ultra-red.
No 31: Music and Politics. January 2015. Online.

Inevitable Transitions,” (editorial)
No 25: Inevitable Transitions. November 2012. Online.    

Freedom in Action” (editorial)
No 21: Freedom in Action. Online.   


Go West: New media and digital innovation pushes across the prairies and beyond.
November 11, 2011. Online.

Hybrid Vigour: Over 12 editions now, Quebec city’s Mois Multi festival has been reveling in
the crossbreeding of contemporary sights and sounds.

March 20, 2011. Online.

Back to the Futurists: Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier, as La Chambre des Machines,
wrest new music from their Russolo inspired sound boxes
January 19, 2011. Online.

A Sound Foundation: Avatar and the Ever Advancing Arts of Audio.”
November 3, 2010. Online.


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