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"After 'Three Families, 14 Children on US 99, San Joaquin Valley, November 1938’ by Dorothea Lange,” "Everyone—Executives, Colleagues, Partners—Is Telling You to Migrate to the Cloud*,” and "Reach out and touch someone across the Atlantic.”
Accepted for publication in Women and Environment International (102/103)
* Title after an article of the same name by Transnational Data Services

“Safety in numbers,” published in carte blanche, #34, Fall 2018, nominated in poetry category for
Best of the Net 2019 AnthologySundress Publications, September 30, 2019.

“When my lover is across the ocean”
The Capilano Review, Spring 2019. Print.

“Google powering Finnish server farm with Swedish wind farm,”
Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, 16:1, “Connections,” 2019. Print. 
Title after an article by Jason Verge of the same name, Jun 04, 2013. In Data Center Knowledge

“An introduction to cloud genera”
Headlight Anthology, [BLANK] Realism, Issue 22, 2019. Print.

Safety in Numbers
carte blanche, #34, Fall 2018. Online.

“When my lover is across the ocean”
Shortlisted for The Capilano Review's 8th Annual Robin Blaser Poetry Contest. Judge: Fred Wah. Fall 2018.

“Transmission or Voice Procedure,” poem + photos
Art + Wonder, International contemporary art, writing, and aesthetics. Issue 3 | SOVNDS, Autumn 2016. Print.

Trying to make a case for a private cloud,” poem + photo. With Stefan Christof, guitar.
Free City Radio. May 2015. Online. 

“Motor City Overthrow,” poem + photo
Free City Radio - Art & Social Change. 4: 70 & 76. January 2015. Print.

“Building Ground”, poetry + photos, chapbook. Open Reel Publishing, Montréal, QC. 2011.
Handmade. Edition of 75.

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