︎Performance of poetry thesis using
poetry, sound & image at academic meetings


TEXT/SOUND/PERFORMANCE: Making in Canadian Space Conference, April 2019
University College, Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

The Morris House Reading Series, February 25, 2019
Reading + panel on creative writing, Bishop’s University
Sherbrooke, QC


Mind The Gap!, August 2018
Hosted by ELO (Electronic Literature Organization,) 2018 Conference and Festival
Montréal, QC

"Poeisis Within A Resonant Cloud," January 2018
Large Objects, Moving Air Conference 2018
Hotsed by CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice,) London College of Communication + University of the Arts London
Elephant & Castle, London, UK

"Poeisis Within A Resonant Cloud," November 2017
L'agir: Act(ion) in the Hyperconnected Condition: Art and Images at Work Colloquium
Hosted by graduate student organizers from McGill University + Université de Montréal
Montréal, QC

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